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Don’t Call It Hack: Magic Lantern 2.3 Released (5D2, 60D, 50D, T1i/500D, T2i/550D, T3i/600D Supported)

Magic Lantern 2.3 has been released. Magic Lantern is a firmware replacement for Canon DSLRs, specifically for the EOS 5D Mark II (get it refurbished at the Canon Store for 1,759.20), EOS 60D, EOS 50D, Rebel T3i/600D, Rebel T2i and Rebel T1i. New and improved features: customizable menus, shortcuts, automatic HDR bracketing, timelapse, advanced fps and ISO control, contrast and adjustment in liveview, image analysis, fast playback.

Magic Lantern v2.3 represents an important milestone – professionals from all around the world are already trusting it for their paid work. We can safely say it’s no longer a hack, but it’s strongly heading towards a solid piece of engineering that you can trust.

Magic Lantern is not a new kid on the block, it has been around for a while and gained maturity with every release. Keep in mind that this firmware replacement adds lots of features that Canon didn’t want you to have on your DSLR, even if your DSLR is perfectly able to manage it. See it as a sort of jailbreak for Canon DSLRs. Magic Lantern will be free for all starting August 13, until then you can get it after a $10 (or more) donation. Click here to go directly to the download page.

[via photographybay]

  • ralf

    the video left me unimpressed.
    it´s a bad promo video for ML if you ask me….

    more info less blah blah would be better.

  • sean

    The tags say 5D2 but the description says 5D3. Does it work on the 5d3? Is this just an improved version to the 5D2 Magic Lantern that was already available?

    • Admin

      Thanks Sean, my error. The 5D3 is not yet supported. Yes, it’s an important update to the previous Magic Lantern.

  • Nawaf

    Still no 7D hack O_o

    This video makes them look desperate somehow. What does the cold have to do with ML? It’s the 5D that can handle it!

  • Phamtasm

    Yeah, I’m confused at what this video was trying to accomplish. There’s no useful info on any of the features – just generic marketing talk. I’m new to ML but I’m curious how it can help me shoot.

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