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Here Is How The Canon EOS R5 Looks Side By Side With The EOS R And EOS RP

Canon Eos R5
From left to right: Canon EOS R, EOS R5 and EOS RP

How big is the Canon EOS R5 compared to other members of the family?

An image showed up (on top) where you can see how the size of the upcoming Canon EOS R5 compares to its siblings, the EOS R and EOS RP. As you can see the EOS R5 is slightly more bulky than the EOS R.

During Canon’s live-streamed announcement (you can watch it again here) Canon revealed the second teaser about the Canon EOS R5 after the development announcement and a subsequent reveal of more specifications. All R5 coverage is listed here.

[via Xitek via Mirrorless Rumors]
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