Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and EOS 5D Mark IV tidbits (and where to get fresh and unsophisticated Canon rumors)

eos 5d mark iv
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV mockup by

Do you want your Canon rumors fresh and as directly from the source as possible? We can help.

There are a few sites, mainly in Asia, that first post leaked and reliable info about Canon products. The sites are:

According to the first two sites listed above, Canon will release two more DSLRs along with the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and the EOS 5D Mark IV (click here) in 2016. One of these will likely be the EOS 80D, the other, I guess, the long overdue Rebel SL2. The aforementioned, and usually pretty well informed sites, suggest the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II will be announced for CES 2016 (and be on display there), the EOS 5D Mark IV in February 2016. A 24MP sensor is rumored for the EOS-1D Mark II, while the EOS 5D Mark IV should have a 28MP sensor (as posted first here on Canon Watch). We also reported that there could be a model split for the EOS 5D Mark IV, this is also confirmed by the aforementioned sites.

According to information I got from the editors of these site, the codename for the EOS 5D Mark IV is “invincible Buddha“. The 5D Mark II was “magic rabbit” and the 5D Mark III was codenamed “invincible umbrella”. According to the people who contacted me, the EOS 5D Mark III saw a drastic price drop in Hong Kong, which usually is a sign that an announcement of a replacement isn’t far away.

I am following anything coming from these sites, and will try to stay in touch with the editors. Stay tuned, we will soon know more.

Canon Rebel SL2 eventually coming for CES 2016? [CW3]

canon rumorscanon rumors

Thanks for the tip! Where is the Canon Rebel SL2? Expected in Fall 2015, the replacement for the world’s smallest DSLR is still on the run. Latest suggestion I got say Canon will announce the Rebel SL2 at CES 2016. That’s plausible. The Rebel SL2 is a consumer product, CES may be the right spot to announce it.

This is the second hint I get about a possible Rebel SL2 announcement in January 2016. There is no doubt that there will be a Rebel SL2. The question is: why is Canon delaying the announcement?

Will we see other Canon gear at CES 2016? Unlikely. Some sites report that a possible replacement for the Canon EOS 70D may be announced at CES. I do not think this is likely. CES will also not be the stage where Canon might announce the EOS 5D Mark IV and EOS-1D X Mark II.

For the time being, these are the Rebel SL2 specs I got:

  • 24MP, same sensor as T6i/T6s
  • Smaller than SL1
  • Wireless battery charging, old charger still supplied and works as before
  • 19 point AF system
  • Hybrid CMOS AF III
  • Digic 6
  • New battery type

[UPDATE] Canon EOS 80D gets another mention, still rumored to have 28MP, beta units undergoing tests? [CW3]

Canon EOS 70D Deals

Update (11/16/15): Some rumor sites are claiming the Canon EOS 80D may be announced in January 2016. This is bs, a fake rumor! There will be no EOS 80D announcement in January. The EOS 80D will most likely be announced in Summer 2016.

I got a new hint for the upcoming EOS 80D (expected Summer 2016). The EOS 80D’s shape will be barely indistinguishable from the EOS 70D. The previously rumored 28MP sensor was mentioned again. Needless to say, Dual Pixel AF will be on board. I also got hints about new video modes. I am investigating (no 4K to expect).

The source also stated that early beta units of the EOS 80D are undergoing first tests. If the the supposed announcement date of Summer 2016 is to believe, then it’s plausible Canon may start beta-testing the EOS 80D now.

I am trying to get a picture of the EOS 80D AF system but will retain the suggestions I got until I get a better picture. The 80D’s AF  will likely be more evolved than the AF on the 70D but for sure not the  same as on the upcoming EOS-1D X Mark II. I am working to sort out rumors sent by people trying to give a hint from those coming from people trying to spam my inbox.

Stay tuned.

Canon EOS 80D coming with 28MP and new Auto-Focus system? [CW3]

Eos 70d

After all those fake rumors, I was glad to hear news from one of my trusted sources. This source may be wrong but at least it is not intentionally delivering fake rumors.

I have been told (thanks) that the Canon EOS 80D will feature a 28MP sensor. The source mentioned also a “more advanced AF system” (compared to the EOS 70D). I am not sure what to think here. I do not believe the EOS 80D will get the same advanced AF system as the EOS 7D Mark II, but anything is possible. If I am not wrong, there was a rumor floating around the web a month or two ago that also suggested a high resolution for the EOS 80D.

The source also said that the EOS 80D will get some of the features of higher models. The 70D got the AF system of the EOS 7D, and it is usual practice by Canon to add features of higher models in a new mid-level camera. So what can we expect from the EOS 80D? Other rumors I got (by less reputable or unknown sources) suggest the EOS 80D will get the anti-flickering technology employed on the EOS 7D Mark II but I am somewhat sceptical about this feature being implemented on a mid-level DSLR like the EOS 80D. Dual Pixel AF will not get lost, that’s sure. It will likely have a new AF system but it is unclear how advanced it will be. In the past I got a suggestion the EOS 80D may have focus peaking on board (introduced with the EOS M3). That would be a powerful and very welcome addition to the next xxD model, though I do not think Canon will feature it on a DSLR. WiFi and NFC will also be on board, but no GPS. Another suggestion I got, says the EOS 80D will have something around 8fps (the 70D has 7fps), which is a plausible frame rate for this camera. Sure thing that the EOS 80D will have a tiltable display, one memory card slot, and no dual CPU (like 7D2). Please note that it may still be early to have reliable specs for the EOS 80D. Take anything with the usual salt.

The EOS 70D was announced in July 2013. Since the announcement of EOS 60D Canon released a new xxD model every three years. 2016 would be year of the EOS 80D. There have also been some suggestion about the announcement, nothing to take seriously. The EOS 80D will likely be announced in Summer 2016. However, given Canon recent and not foreseen announcements and technological innovations, I wouldn’t be too much surprised if the EOS 80D would be announced before the expected time-frame.

Stay tuned…

Latest Wishmors round-up (80D, 7D Mark III, 50mm f/1L, 6D Mark II) [CW0]

canon rumors

It’s time to post a round-up of the many fake rumors I got, christened “wishmors” (wishful rumors) by my humble self. Please note: I don’t consider any of these wishmors to be plausible. I report this stuff for the sole purpose of fun, and to let you know what sort of suggestions fill my inbox.

We start with the EOS 80D (more 80D wishmors here and here):

EOS 80D will support focus peaking [editors note: this one could eventually turn out to be true, CW1]

What about an EF 50mm f/1.0L lens?

On Q2 2017 you will see this as an actual product if the engineers manage to keep the weight under control.
Canon is working on a II version of EF 50mm f/1.0 L which will have higher resolving power and incorporate the new lens element found in 35mm f/1.4 II.
The autofocus motor has been upgraded significantly. It’s fast to autofocus but there is a trade-off: the lens weights a lot.
Initially the management wanted the new 50mm f/1.0 to be available for release in Q2 2015. The project was delayed when engineering couldn’t keep the weight under control. The current goal is to release the lens in Q2 2017.
Optically, the lens exhibits almost no coma. It’s designed for use in the f/1.0 – f/2.8 range and for this reason its optical performance won’t be as good after f/2.8.
It will ship in a new kind of packaging in gold color. All Canon imaging products will gradually adopt the new box design.
There will be no printed user instructions in the box, instead there will be a downloadable PDF on Canon’s website. The same will be true for all new Canon lenses.
The price is expected to be very high, much higher than the current 50mm f/1.2. I have no information on something more specific.

The EOS 6D Mark II

Canon’s 6D Mark II is imminent and will introduce support for JPEG2000, a better image format. Standard JPEG will still be the default format and work as before, but photographers will have the option to enable JPEG2000 shooting from the menu.

Time ago we had a rumor about the top LCD becoming a color display

The color top LCD isn’t only a blue skies project, it will be put in future EOS DSLRs, it will be touchscreen and will support functions like: histogram, liveview, touch input for changing settings, and other things.

The EOS 7D Mark III  gets already a mention (the EOS 7D Mark II was announced September 2014)

Canon is developing 7D Mark III, it’s a slight update of Mark II tentatively scheduled for release sometime in 2017. The specs of the released product might change but for the moment it’s 24 MP, DPAF, and has a high-durability non-swivel touchscreen which is disabled by default but can be enabled through the menu and its use is entirely optional. No CF slot, it has dual SD UHS-II.

And I also have this info: Canon wants to release updates to its cameras more often but the updates will be less revolutionary, the Rebel and xxD (e.g. 80D) lines will test new technologies and sensors before they appear in the 7D line.

This is just a selection of the wishmors I get :-) Enjoy life!

More “Wishmors” floating around (EOS 80D)

Eos 70d

I am so much flooded with Canon rumors that I decided to create the concept of Wishmor, a wishful rumor. It’s never been so hard with everything related to Canon rumors.

The latest wishmor I got concerns the Canon EOS 80D. If the three years interval of EOS xxD announcements holds on, then the EOS 80D will be announced towards the end of Summer 2016. The Canon EOS 70D was announced in Summer 2013. That’s to say that it is impossible to have detailed specifications lists so early. It’s still a year to go, keep the salt ready. This spec list was sent to me via email but I guess it showed up in some forum before. Here it is:

  • 80D is already being tested by selected photographers around the world.
  • Announcement: December 2015
  • 24 megapixels, that’s a new sensor not the same as other 24mp EOS bodies
  • ADC now on the sensor itself, expect much cleaner fine detail
  • 80D’s ISO 6400 is like 70D’s ISO 3200
  • DR at ISO 100 improved 21% compared to 70D
  • Single DIGIC 6 (not 6+)
  • It has DPAF, same as 70D.
  • Much more richer colour tones because of new Colour Filter Array (CFA) engineered with germanium microstructures, it also allows more photons on the sensor which helps the ISO performance
  • Canon claims 8.1 fps but I feel it’s more like 7.5 fps, maybe will be improved in the final product
  • Buffer will be less than 70D. That was a trade-off to keep the cost low.
  • No 4K but has 1080 60fps, it still does line-skipping
  • Both Wifi and GPS, also NFC
  • A new more sturdy swivel screen hing design. Canon also readies a full-frame camera with swivel LCD.
  • Single UHS-II SD slot
  • Astrophotography version of 80D will also be released, expected three months after 80D release
  • Appears to have a new software system but it’s much slower than the old menus, camera feels sluggish, maybe this will be fixed in the final product (the firmware supplied to tester photographers is version 0.7.2, this probably means the programmers still work on it)
  • There will be a new strap design

Fits well into the concept of wishmor. What do you think…?