Canon Dominates The Mirrorless Market In Japan (in Q1 2022)

Canon Eos M50 Mark Ii Review

Canon appears to be the undisputed mirrorless market leader in Japan. That’s what the latest BCN report suggests.

According to the aggregate data from January 1st to March 30th, 2022, Canon ranks in the first three positions of mirrorless market shares in Japan:

  1. Canon EOS Kiss M2 Double Zoom Kit White
  2. Canon EOS Kiss M2 Double Zoom Kit Black
  3. Canon EOS RP / RF24-105 IS STM Lens Kit
  4. Sony α6100 Double Zoom Lens Kit Black
  5. Sony α7 IV
  6. OLYMPUS PEN E-PL10 EZ Double Zoom Kit White
  7. EOS Kiss M Double Zoom Kit White
  8. Sony α6400 Double Zoom Lens Kit Silver
  9. Nikon Z 50 Double Zoom Kit
  10. LUMIX G100 Standard Zoom Lens Tripod Grip Included

Note that the first two positions are hold by the Canon EOS M5 Mark II (named EOS Kiss M2 in Japan), a camera (and line-up) that some people can’t wait to see disappear. Nope, me says. Even the upcoming release of the EOS R7 and EOS R10 won’t mean that the EOS M system will disappear any time soon.

BCN Rankings: Canon Top Dog In DSLR, Lenses and Compact Camera Sales

Bcn Rankings

Here are some new BCN rankings. BCN collects 40% of Japanese sales figures.

Once more Canon ranks high on many rankings. Let’s see them:

  • Fixed lens cameras (* The share in parentheses is last year’s share)
    1st place Canon: Share 34.01% (39.08%)
    2nd place Sony: Share 23.1% (19.65%)
    3rd place Fujifilm: Share 11.6% (11.41%)
  • DSLR
    1st place Canon: Share 59.8% (51.91%)
    2nd place Nikon: Share 33.9% (44.78%)
    3rd place Ricoh Imaging: Share 5.8% (3%)
  • Mirrorless
    1st place Sony: Share 32% (27.44%)
    2nd place Canon: Share 28.2% (23.78%)
    3rd place OM Digital Solutions: Share 12.7% (23.37%)
  • Digital video camera category
    1st place Panasonic: Share 43.6% (32.17%)
    2nd place Sony: Share 26.3% (37.27%)
    3rd place DJI: Share 11.2% (-)
  • Action camera category
    1st place GoPro: Share 70.4% (70%)
    2nd place Sony: Share 7.3% (7.49%)
    3rd place DJI: Share 5.3% (-)
  • Lenses
    1st place Canon: Share 17.6% (18.29%)
    2nd place Sony: Share 17.2% (15.87%)
    3rd place Sigma: Share 12.6% (14.89%)
  • Tripod / Monopod category
    1st place Hakuba Photo Industry: Share 29.1% (30.91%)
    2nd place Vitec Group: Share 15.5% (17.45%)
    3rd place Slick: Share 12.6% (10.74%)
  • Camera case / bag category
    1st place Hakuba Photo Industry: Share 33.3% (33.13%)
    2nd place ELECOM: Share 18.8% (16.68%)
    3rd place Vitec Group: Share 5.8% (5.92%)

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Latest BCN Figures Show Nothing Has Changed , Sony Still The Alpha Dog


They are getting a bit boring, those BCN figures. Can they still be considered an indicator of…something?

Latest BCN statistics for the Japanese market show that Sony is still the alpha dog (no pun intended) in the mirrorless pack. The figures show that Canon is either “getting close” to Sony, or “still behind” Sony. Guess it depends by your very personal philosophy.

Forget statistics, take photos.

BCN Rankings: Fujifilm On The Rise, Gets Close To Canon, Sony Still First

Bcn Rankings

Latest BCN rankings on Japanese market shares on mirrorless camera sales shows that Fujifilm is on a steep rise.

BCN collects data of about 40% of the Japanese electronics and online stores. Their latest analysis shows a promising start into 2021 for Fujifilm. They are now very close to Canon’s second rank. Sony is also on the raise, and the undisputed market leader for mirrorless cameras in Japan. OM Digital (former Olympus), on the other hand, is on a downwards trend.

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Canon Leads Camera Sales In Japan, But Now Nikon Is Ranked Second

Camera Sales

It seems Nikon pushed Sony away from rank two in camera sales in Japan. Canon is still leading the pack.

Latest figures published by BCN show that while Canon is the undisputed alpha dog when it comes to camera sales in Japan, Nikon is now placed before Sony on rank two.

These are the market shares:

  • Canon 33,6%
  • Nikon 19,2%
  • Sony 17,5%
  • Olympus 16,1%
  • Fuji 6,9%
  • Panasonic 5,9%

BCN Awards Confirm Canon Is Market Leader In Japan

Bcn Awards

Latest BCN sales data for 2019 in Japan show that Canon is still the market leader in Japan.

Here are some sales figures.

Mirrorless cameras market share:

  • Canon 30.9%
  • Sony 25.9%
  • Olympus 23.4%

Lenses market share:

  • Canon 19.9%
  • Sony 16.9%
  • Nikon 14.4%

Compact cameras market share:

  • Canon 39.3%
  • Nikon 22.9%
  • Sony 15.2%

I think there is not much to say here, but you might sound off in the comment section :-)

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