Canon Is Not Giving You A “Professional Photographer” Certificate If You Buy A Camera Over $599


A few sites brought a news they obviously got wrong.

Satirical site The Babylon Bee reported that Canon will hand out a “professional photographer” certificate with any camera that costs more than $599.

The faked press release states:

If you spend at least $599 on a camera, you’re instantly transformed into a professional photographer, and now you have the documentation to prove it. In a lot of professions, you have to take classes or practice for years before you truly become a professional, but not in photography. Just buy one of our budget to mid-range cameras, and you’re in.”

Well, some people took this for real ;-)

Will Canon Ever Regain Their Dignity, And Become King Again? (Humor)

Canon Rumors Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Canon Eos R

The folks at Canon Conspiracies ask the fundamental question: Can Canon become king again?

Canon cripples their cameras, and they’re going to have to stop doing that if they want to compete in 2019. The competition is rising, Olympus EM1X is a beast, Sony coming with the a7siii and a7000, Fuji with their XT3 and XH2. Canon can’t play around, their next RF system camera needs to compete.

How to (not) clean a Canon DSLR (humour)

Tag a photographer to show them how to clean a camera.

Geplaatst door Whispering WTF to myself op vrijdag 24 november 2017

Ever wondered what is the best way to clean your precious Canon DSLR? Well, the way employed in the video above it is not.

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