Here Are Some Stay-At-Home Workout Ideas for Photographers (and camera nerds)

Stay-at-home Workout

Most of us if not all of us are stuck at home because of the CoVid-19 outbreak. So, looking for some stay-at-home workout activities?

Being at home boredom won’t take long before it hits. Here are some stay-at-home workout ideas by Gerald Undone about what photographers and camera nerds can do at home for their workout. Enjoy.

Do you have your own stay-at-home workout ideas? Share them in the comment section.

Will The Canon EOS R5 Survive The Cripple Hammer?

Canon EOS R5 Autofocus

So, here is another humor(ish) post about the upcoming Canon EOS R5.

The folks at Camera Conspiracies wonders if the EOS R5 will survive Canon’s cripple hammer, i.e. how much the specifications Canon revealed at the development announcement (for instance 8K video) will be reduced in their scale (for instance heavily cropped 8K).

Will the Canon Cripple Hammer let the Canon R5 leave the warehouse untouched? Or will there be a back alley battle to cripple the perfect camera? Does 8k matter? Will Canon IBIS be better than Panasonic and Olympus? Will this camera end my channel like the Fuji XT4 is attempting? Let’s find out :)

All we know so far about the EOS R5 is listed here.

The Canon EOS R5 Meets The Internet, And Strikes Back – A Parody

Canon EOS R5 Price

Here is something about the new Canon EOS R5 to ease your start into the new week, a bit of humor.

The short clip below by Michael The Maven sums up pretty well how Canon’s upcoming game changer, the Canon EOS R5, will shake up the industry.

We now know that the EOS R5 will be released before the Summer Olympics 2020.

Did you hear the latest? A Canon EOS R camera with APS-C sensor is rumored again and has already been dubbed EOS R7 by the Internet folks.

And what abpout the EOS R6, said to be the next Canon full frame mirrorless to get released? We expect the announcement in May 2020.

All Canon rumors are listed here.

Stay tuned, there is more to come soon.

Canon Is Not Giving You A “Professional Photographer” Certificate If You Buy A Camera Over $599


A few sites brought a news they obviously got wrong.

Satirical site The Babylon Bee reported that Canon will hand out a “professional photographer” certificate with any camera that costs more than $599.

The faked press release states:

If you spend at least $599 on a camera, you’re instantly transformed into a professional photographer, and now you have the documentation to prove it. In a lot of professions, you have to take classes or practice for years before you truly become a professional, but not in photography. Just buy one of our budget to mid-range cameras, and you’re in.”

Well, some people took this for real ;-)

Will Canon Ever Regain Their Dignity, And Become King Again? (Humor)

Top 10 Cameras Canon Rumors Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Canon Eos R Pro Eos R Canon Lens Explorers Of Light

The folks at Canon Conspiracies ask the fundamental question: Can Canon become king again?

Canon cripples their cameras, and they’re going to have to stop doing that if they want to compete in 2019. The competition is rising, Olympus EM1X is a beast, Sony coming with the a7siii and a7000, Fuji with their XT3 and XH2. Canon can’t play around, their next RF system camera needs to compete.