A Future Canon EOS R With 8K Video Is In The Realm of Possibilities, Canon Manager States

Canon Eos R Firmware

Japanese website MyNavi posted an interview with various Canon Managers about the company’s brand new full frame mirrorless camera, the Canon EOS R.

Some highlights from the interview:

  1. The Canon EOS R sensor is not the same as the sensor featured on the EOS 5D Mark IV. The EOS R sensor is a new development.
  2. The image quality of the Canon EOS R will beat any other Canon DSLR camera thanks to new sensors, new processors and new, high performing lenses
  3. Canon did not add on sensor stabilisation (IBIS) because of the costs, and heating and size issues. They might consider adding on sensor stabilization on future models
  4. There will be more EOS R models in the line-up. Expect lower and higher end models to be released in the future
  5. Canon is considering making a 8k Cinema EOS R camera

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It’s just the beginning, says Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki


DPReview interviewed Mr. Kazuto Yamaki during CP+. Most of the interview revolves around Sony and the E mount. Never the less, it’s an interesting interview.

Here are some excerpts:

The new 14-24mm F2.8 joins the 14mm F1.8 at the wide end of Sigma’s lineup – how do these two lenses compare, optically?

In terms of performance, the two lenses are equivalent. When it comes to zoom lenses, a standard zoom lens [like a 24-70mm] is quite challenging to design. We have to make compromises. However, the performance of wide and telephoto zoom lenses is very good, and [can be] equivalent to prime lenses. […]

If you have a choice between designing a lens that will be large, heavy, but optically amazing, or designing one that might be optically less impressive but smaller and lighter, how do you make that decision?

I personally want to develop excellent lenses, at the cost of size and weight […]

Is there a lens that does not exist right now, which you think should exist?

We successfully developed F1.8 zoom lenses for APS-C. This kind of lens did not exist before. Similarly our F2 zoom for full-frame. That kind of lens did not exist before, either. I can’t give you specific details but we would like to explore that path [further] […]

Read the interview at DPReview.

Well, I am very happy Sigma developed an f1.8 lens for APS-C cameras. It’s the incredible 18-35mm f/1.8 ART lens (canon rumors), a lens I like a lot.

Interview with Canon execs: increased competition allows us to level-up

Canon EOS M50

Above: The Canon EOS M50 is the company’s latest MILC – Canon USAB&H Photo | Adorama | Amazon (world wide)

DPReview posted an interview with Canon executives taken at CP+. They interviewed Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi, Group Executive of Imaging Communications Business Group, Go Tokura, Chief Executive Officer of Canon’s Image Communications Products Operation, and Naoya Kaneda, Advisory Director and Group Executive of Canon’s Optical Business Group.

Obviously, the interviewer asks about Canon’s latest mirrorless camera, the EOS M50 (canon rumors). Some excerpts from the interview:

How important is it for Canon to add higher-end mirrorless products to your lineup?

At Canon we have what’s called a ‘full lineup strategy’. This means that we want to satisfy all of the demands in the market, so we have mirrorless and also DSLR, which combined makes an EOS hierarchy. We want to fill the gaps to satisfy customer demands across the board […]

The EOS M50 offers 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS AF, but not at the same time. Is there a technical reason for this limitation?

With the EOS 5D Mark IV, we do offer 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus, so technically it is feasible. But given the position of the M50 in the lineup, we can’t include all of the features available in a product like the 5D IV […] [editor’s note: this sounds very much like “we won’t give it to you because the M50 is not expensive enough]

Another manufacturer that we spoke to estimated that Canon would have a full-frame mirrorless camera within a year. Is that realistic?

That would be nice, wouldn’t it? [editor’s note: the reference is to Mr. Kenji Tanaka, Sony executive, who said he thinks within a year both Canon and Nikon will have launched a full frame mirrorless camera]

Read the interview at DPReview.

Yes Canon, it would be nice to have a full frame mirrorless camera (possibly with EF mount). Just do it.

All EOS M50 pre-order links after the break.

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Is Canon mirrorless taken seriously by the company?

Canon Eos M5 Mark Ii

Canon mirrorless: B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Canon Canada, Canon USA

After reading Imaging Resource’s Dave Etchells interviewing Canon executives Go Tokura, Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi and Goshi Nakamura, I really wonder if Canon mirrorless will ever be a serious thing.

Canon’s answers to Dave Etchells questions about Canon mirrorless cameras and especially about Canon’s plans with the system and the technologoy, well, these answers are elusive and vague at best (as they were in another interview with Canon execs).

Some excerpts:

IR […] How do you see mirrorless fitting into Canon’s overall strategy generally? And are we likely to see more emphasis going forward, or do you view mirrorless as continuing to be more of a niche market rather than DSLR sales?

Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi: So in terms of how we look at the mirrorless market, I think there’s a regional variance that we can actually point out at the moment. Different regions have different penetrations in mirrorless market share.

[…] Canon offers both mirrorless and SLR products, and we will continue to do this. We will position those categories in that regard, and we would like to look at the ILC market as a whole to respond to the wide range of demands that are coming in with these two prongs.

IR: As you mentioned the mirrorless market is broadening, and with the EOS M5 Canon is now finally offering a true enthusiast-level mirrorless camera […] We’re wondering whether you see higher-end — if not professional — more enthusiast-level lenses on the roadmap for the EOS M family?

YM: I won’t be able to disclose any sort of future products, so there’s not much details that I can provide at the moment, but obviously there’s a growing demand for the enthusiast-level cameras. That’s why we’re seeing this progression of our camera series, and in a similar way we will start to see the strong demand for the lenses as well, for the enthusiast. We are looking at the market demand and seeing what sort of levels that we’re seeing, and we will probably be introducing products along with that.

Doesn’t sound exactly like “we cant wait to flood the market with high end EF-M lenses” nor it doesn’t sound as if Canon was fully committed to mirrorless (and their own EOS M system).

The interview touches more points (Dual Pixel AF, for instance) so be shure to head over to Imaging Resource to get the whole story.