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Veni Vidi Vici – Canon Already Has 22% Of Full Frame Mirrorless Market In Japan

Full Frame Mirrorless

BCNranking posted market figures for full frame mirrorless cameras in Japan.

The Canon EOS R has just been releases, and Canon already has 22% market share for full frame mirrorless cameras in Japan.

The situation:

  1. Sony 67%
  2. Canon 22.1%
  3. Nikon 10.4%

Not bad for the company that was last to jump on the FF MILC bandwagon. It was a jump start for sure. It has to be said that Nikon’s Z6 doesn’t ship yet. However, it’s clear that Sony MILCs are going to face some serious competition. Sony dropped from a near 100% market share to 67%, and that’s not peanuts.

To us it’s clear that Canon will have more than 50% market share within a year or so, or at last when they will have released more EOS R bodies.

Full Frame Mirrorless

[via Digicame Info]
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