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Some Canon mirrorless full-frame camera talk

canon rumors

Some new murmurings about the upcoming Canon mirrorless full-frame camera emerged over the web.

Although the rumor has a low credibility ranking, it is never the less interesting to see what’s suggested (some specs leaked first here on CW)

  • Canon may announce full frame mirrorless camera for Photokina 2018 (September)
  • EF mount will be native (we reported)
  • New exclusive image sensor for the camera.
  • New sensor technology required for the EF mount in a mirrorless application
  • No new “dedicated” lenses, but mirrorless will be “considered in all future EF lens design”
  • 4K video is considered a necessary feature in all full frame cameras
  • One full frame mirrorless camera body to start
  • There is testing at Canon of a more hybrid approach between DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras.

It’s difficult to discern if this is a “real rumor” (whatever that means) or if the list above is made up from logical thinking. However, each of the points above makes sense, some like native EF mount and 4K video were suggested before, and are very high on most people’s wish list.

Please note also this. 2017 is the year when Canon is supposed to eventually announce the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. While I hope there will be an EOS 6D Mark II, I also got more than one suggestion that Canon may not release the EOS 6D Mark II but instead announce a mirrorless full-frame camera.

The latest announcement rumor for the EOS 6D Mark II is July 2017, which I do not really believe to be true. We are just to close to July and still nothing reliable leaked. That’s weird.

We know very little about the EOS 6D Mark II (if there will ever be one). The list below is what was passed over to us in the last two years.

Some of the specifications above may well apply also to a mirrorless full-frame camera.

Stay tuned!

  • Narren Rot

    In my opinion they should make new mount for the ff mirrorless camera and simply sell it for now with adapter to mount the FE lenses untill they come up with enough native mirrorless lenses.

    • MdB

      This. I don’t get the obsession with it being native EF mount… how utterly pointless.

    • jonebize

      Pretty crazy, huh

    • Dylan Wood

      Because there would be no advantage to making a new mount, sure it would yield a few small lenses but the lenses that really matter, the ones that make up a brands back bone would be the same size. Giving zero advantage to having a whole new mount when their existing line up is outstanding.

    • That’s the same I hope. A detachable EF mount adapter, so it can be used with any other lens adapter (legacy FD too) like Sony Alpha 7 series. Without that option, I will buy a Sony.

  • V. Anand

    I think Canon should have the guts to go the GFX 50s way and start with medium format mirrorless. That way they could revert back to being above Sony in the mirrorless world!
    And with their dualfocus AF system and color science, they will appeal to photographers worlwide.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I want the rumored camera but waiting until late ’18 for FF EF mirrorless is WAY WAY to long. Sony will have A9ii and fully refreshed A7s by then. And if Sigma and meta bones adapters get better, Canon will never catch up

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