New Canon Cinema EOS DSLR With APS-C Sensor To Be Announced In 2013 (and built around 7D2)?

That's what a rumor reported by Canon Rumors appears to suggest. A new source told that Canon will announce a Cinema EOS DSLR with a smaller form factor than the EOS 1D C and no 4k video.

Obviously the question is around which APS-C sensor DSLR this new Cinema camera will be based on (was not mentioned in the rumor). The upcoming EOS 7D Mark II could be the perfect candidate.

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Interview With Canon Europe About The 6D, Project 1709, And More


The interview was conducted by and dates back to photokina, though it was posted in English a few days ago. Mike Owen, Professional Image Marketing Manager for Canon Europe and Richard Shepherd, Senior Product Specialist, Digital SLR and EF Lenses for Canon Europe talk about the Canon EOS 6D, Project 1709, the delays in announcing the long telephoto lenses, and more.

The guys at summed up the main points of the interview:

    • Richard Shepherd explained in a few words in the interview about project 1709 (the name is actually the date of the beta announcement). The project is invitation only at this stage.
    • The events in Japan in 2011 had a lot of influence on the actual launch of the 1D-X – Canon used the time to tweak and improve the finished product.
    • Regarding the delays in launching some of the long telephoto lenses – Canon states that it was important to reach full production capability as to not cause delays later on.
    • For Canon – the 6D is the idea travel camera. Although there might be other target audiences for the 6D – people who travel and like a quality camera they can carry are very high on the list.
    • The 6D will not be the only DSLR wit GPS and WIFI but don't expect every model from now on to come with these features.
    • Although we asked – we didn't get a direct answer whether or not the EOS-M can be fitted with and external digital viewfinder and if it can – does Canon has any plans to do so.
    • According to Canon, Pro photographers do not trust digital viewfinders and so for pro cameras, optical viewfinders are here to stay.
    • Adding a focus limiter in the camera is possible technically, however Mike Owen explained that so far Canon did not receive substantial enough request for this feature from its costumers.
    • The APS-H format is not necessarily dead – this actually depends on the market and the consumer needs.
    • The eye-control-focus technology (used for example in the Canon EOS-3) is gone, but it might return again in the future. In the past some photographers liked it but some didn't so its an open issue.
    • Don't expect a road map from Canon for its EOS-M lenses (unlike Sony, Samsung, Fuji, Panasonic etc.). Canon is going to focus on what it feels are the right lenses for this format (i.e. mostly compact lenses).

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Canon Working On A Successor Of The G1X With APS-C Sensor?

Egami (translated) spotted a 18-70mm F2.8-6 lens patent for a filed by Canon that suggests the company is working on a fixed lens camera with an APS-C sensor. In other words: the successor of the G1X with a new sensor.

Patent Publication No. 2012-247758

  • Release Date 2012.12.13
  • Filing date 2011.5.31
  • Example 1
  • Zoom ratio 3.80
  • 35.12 – – 69.05mm f = 18.17 focal length
  • Fno 2.89 -. 4.58 – 5.94
  • Half angle of view ω = 33.37 – 20.87 – 11.14 °
  • 13.39 – – 13.60mm 11.97 image height
  • 89.56 – – 110.05mm 86.88 overall length of the lens
  • BF 0.36mm
  • 11 pictures in 9 groups lens configuration
  • 5 three aspherical surface
  • 4-group zoom positive negative positive
  • Rear Focus (Group 4)
Image credit: Egami