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March 17, 2014
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March 14, 2014
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Deal: Canon EOS M w/ 18-55mm IS STM, 22mm F/2 STM, And Speedlite 90EX – €422/$479

Canon EOS M

For a limited time (until 3/17) DigitalRev has the Canon EOS M kit with EF-M 18-55mm IS STM and EF-M 22mm f/2 STM lenses, and the Speedlite 90EX flash, all on sale for $422/$479. All color options available. Very good price for the kit.

Please note that the price in Euro is computed for Germany, other EU countries may vary slightly but in any case the price is comprehensive of customs and shipment for all EU and Asia customers, US customers have to check customs during check-out (depends by the state).

[via dealsrunner]

Specifications and description after the break.

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January 20, 2014
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Canon Patent For New EOS M Pancake Lenses (18-40, 18-55, 10-20, 9-18)

EOS M Pancake

EOS M Pancake

Egami (tranlated) spotted a patent filed by Canon that appears to refer to new pancake lenses for the EOS M system18-40mm f/3.5-5.6, 18-55mm f/4-8, 10-20mm f/4-5.6, and 9-18mm f/4-5.6.

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-6275
    • Publication date 2014.1.16
    • Filing date 2012.6.21
  • Example 1
    • Zoom ratio 2.28
    • Focal length f = 18.10-29.78-41.20mm
    • Fno. 3.60-4.70-5.88
    • Half angle ω = 36.92-24.55-18.27 °
    • Image height Y = 13.60mm
    • 54.22-49.85-51.81mm lens length
    • BF 0.50mm
  • Example 7
    • Zoom ratio 3.00
    • Focal length f = 18.10-37.01-54.30mm
    • Fno. 4.20-6.20-8.20
    • Half angle ω = 36.92-20.17-14.06 °
    • Image height Y = 13.60mm
    • 64.74-56.63-62.13mm lens length
    • BF 0.50mm
  • Example 8
    • Zoom ratio 1.91
    • Focal length f = 10.30-15.00-19.70mm
    • Fno. 3.90-4.83-5.76
    • Half angle ω = 52.98-42.31-34.74 °
    • Image height Y = 13.66mm
    • 58.84-53.45-52.25mm lens length
    • BF 0.50mm
  • Example 10
    • Zoom ratio 1.91
    • Focal length f = 9.27-13.49-17.71mm
    • Fno. 4.12-4.93-5.76
    • Half angle ω = 55.84-45.36-37.65 °
    • Image height Y = 13.66mm
    • 60.98-55.27-53.91mm lens length
    • BF 0.50mm
  • Canon patents
    • The possible vibration damping by the second lens group
    • Feeding whole, front focus, focusing, rear focusing, etc.
January 2, 2014
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Canon EOS M is the Second Most Sold Mirrorless Camera in Japan (2013)

Canon EOS M

Source: sonyalpharumors

BCnranking published sales figures for mirrorless cameras and DSLRs in Japan. As you can see in the picture above, the EOS M is the second most sold MILC in Japan with a market share of 9.2%, topped only by the Sony NEX 5R. After all the bad press (not always justified) the EOS M got in the US (mainly) and in Europe, I am happy to see that this little, amazing camera is selling pretty good in Asia. I own an EOS M and I am more than happy with it.

If you look at the DSLR sales figures below, you can see the chart is dominated by Canon (10 DSLRs) and Nikon (8 DSLRs).

Canon EOS M


December 28, 2013
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Amazon UK and DE Gold Box Deals: EOS M Kits and 18-85mm IS Lens

There are two good deals for EU visitors that are live, both are Gold Box deals:

December 19, 2013
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Last Days To Get a Canon EOS M Kit at The Best Price Ever Seen (w/ 18-55mm IS STM, $279)


EOS M Kit Two Days left to get the EOS M with EF-M 18-55mm IS STM lens for the most bargain price I’ve seen so far: $279 at newegg. Expires 12/21.Another good idea for an X-Mas gift.