Canon Has An EOS R Model With IBIS On Their Agenda


The image on top shows a slide that was presented during the Canon EOS R announcement/presentation (so we were told).

If real it might give us reason to think Canon is indeed working on a full frame mirrorless camera with IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation). Canon execs always stated that optical IS (i.e. image stabilisation in the lens) is the better technology. It seems they are about to change their mind, or maybe their just responding to user requests.

The Canon EOS RP, the company’s first entry level full frame mirrorless camera was announced yesterday. And it has a price that we didn’t expect from Canon. In an interview with Imaging Resource, Canon execs stated clearly that the EOS RP has the same internals as the EOS 6D Mark II, something we reported over two years ago.

I wonder when we will see a Canon mirrorless camera with IBIS, in one, two, three years?

Image via FroKnowsPhoto

Canon EOS RP Leaks On Amazon UK, Sells At £1300 Body, £2118 With RF 24-105mm

Canon Eos Rp Firmware

UPDATE: Both pages are no longer live.

The first able to buy the new Canon EOS RP appear to the brits.

Amazon UK already lists the Canon EOS RP body only option (£1,300) and EOS RP kit with Rf 24-105mm f/4L IS lens (£2,118). These prices might not be the definitive.

The Canon EOS RP and five or six new RF lenses will be announced in a few hours, today at midnight EST. Pricing in the USA is still not e entirely clear but rumor has it that the body only option might start as low as $1,299, which seems to be very not Canon like.

Today we also saw the first price drops of the an EOS R kit and some RF lenses.

Stay tuned.

More Canon EOS RP Images And Specifications (Yes, It has 4K)

Canon Eos Rp

Nokishita update the specifications for the upcoming Canon EOS RP, and there are some new images too.

4K on board will not be enough to stop the “same sensor as EOS 6D Mark II” nonsense, actively pushed by some sites. Rest assured, it’s not the same sensor, just the same resolution.

As you can see in the image on top, a battery grip for the EOS RP will also be available. Apparently, the grip will come in three colors.

Announcement is expected today (1/13/19) around midnight EST.

UPDATE: a new specification lists surfaced, we updated the post.

  • 35 mm full size CMOS sensor with about 26.2 million effective pixels
  • The latest video engine “DIGIC 8”
  • Optimized “dual pixel CMOS AF” and drive control of RF lens realizes fastest AF of 0.05 seconds at the fastest
  • When fitted with lenses, it corresponds to the distance measuring area in the range of about 100% (vertical) × about 88% (horizontal) of the imaging surface
  • When AF area is arbitrarily selected, you can select the part you want to focus on from the maximum 4779 positions
  • Detect pupil of subject and focus on “pupil AF” also function when servo AF and moving servo AF
  • EV-5 achieved at the central focus detection point
  • High-speed continuous shooting of up to approximately 5.0 frames / sec and servo AF at a maximum of approximately 4.0 frames / sec
  • Usual ISO sensitivity of 100 to 40000 realized
  • Bali angle LCD monitor also supports touch operation
  • Equipped with organic EL panel EVF of about 2.36 million dots
  • “Dual sensing IS” adopted
  • “Focus bracket” function which can generate an image that is in focus in a wide range from multiple photographed images
  • Movie shooting in 4K (24p / 25p) is possible
  • 5-axis electronic image stabilization function installed (when movie is shot). Combination IS can be used when mounting a compatible lens.
  • Size: Approximately 132.5 (width) x 85.0 (height) x 70.0 (depth) mm
  • Weight: 485 g (based on CIPA guidelines)
  • Kit (domestic): “Body” “Mount adapter kit” “RF35 MACRO IS STM lens kit” “RF35 MACRO IS STM mount adapter kit” “Mounting adapter SP kit gold” “RF35 MACRO IS STM mount adapter SP kit gold”
  • Corresponds to extension grip “EG-E1” (black · blue · red)
  • 26.2 Million Pixels Full Size Sensor
  • Dual pixel CMOS AF
  • DIGIC 8
  • 4K video
  • Continuous shooting performance: 5 frames / sec
  • ISO sensitivity: 100 to 40000 (equivalent to extended ISO: 50, 51200, 102400)
  • Organic EL EVF
  • 3.0 type touch panel variable angle liquid crystal
  • Dual Sensing IS
  • DLO in camera, RAW development in camera, C-RAW compatible
  • Size: 132.5 x 85.0 x 70.0 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 440 g (body only), about 485 g (including batteries?)
  • Kit lens: RF24 – 105 mm F4L IS USM (domestically RF 35 mm F 1.8 macro IS STM)

Canon To Announce Two Different RF 85mm f/1.2L Lenses For EOS R Systems, One Having “Defocus Smoothing”?

Defocus Smoothing

It appears so.

The image leaked today contains a “DS” (Defocus Smoothing) signature after the “USM” (see image above). The picture of the RF 85mm f/1.2L leaked last week does not have the “DS” signature (see image below).

RF 85mm f/2

“Defocus Smoothing” has been trademarked by Canon. We think it’s an optical technology to make the lens bokeh, well, smoother.

So there may be six and not five new RF lenses Canon is set to announce on Thursday February 14, 2019, along with the EOS RP.

Stay tuned.