Latest Canon Patent Applications (Pop-UP EVF, Resin Mount, Hybrid EVF, Lenses and Sensor)

Canon Patent Applications

Here are the latest Canon patent applications.

Canon patent application 2019-023685 describes a pop-up EVF (Electronic ViewFinder). From the patent literature:

Since a display-device part and the eyepiece for magnifying it are needed EVF, when mounting on a compact camera, the place to arrange serves as problem. Since the large-sized external display device serves as a form which covers a camera back substantially, in order to look into EVF from the back face of a camera, an external display device must be avoided and arranged. A camera will enlarge only the part of EVF then. When it is going to avoid enlargement, an external display device must be made small and usability becomes less good. In order to correspond to these problems, there are some on which pop-up type EVF like the description to a Patent document 1 is mounted. 

EVF loading is realized without [ when using this inside a camera, being stored at the time of EVF non-use, without it functions as a finder by making it jump out to camera outside and miniaturizes an external display device, and ] enlarging a camera. 

Canon patent application 2019-023688 describes a resin (plastics) made lens mount:

Conventionally, although the camera mount of the camera with interchangeable lenses comprised a metallic material in consideration of durability, reliability and accuracy, etc., the camera mount which comprises a metallic material had the problem that things and component cost with heavy weight became high. 

The camera body which has the camera mount which comprised resin materials, such as a plastic, by improvement in the durability of engineering plastics or reliability and progress of forming technique is produced commercially these days. A weight saving and component cost reduction are attained because camera mount becomes a resin material.

Canon patent application 2019-020538 describes a hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder:

The present invention relates to the single-lens reflex camera which has an optical finder and an electronic finder, and relates to the change of the finder to which seeds responded as for the electronic device with which the especially single-lens reflex camera was equipped, or the optical element. 

In recent years, the single-lens reflex camera which has a finder which has arranged the optical-path dividing prism in the optical path of an optical finder in a single-lens reflex camera, and has arranged the display device which becomes the equivalent position from a liquid crystal panel etc. optically with a focus detecting plate is known. 

Canon patent application 2019-020679 describes the optical formula for a RF 100-400mm lens (for EOS R systems):

Focal distance 102.21 195.97 389.86 ​
F number 3.83 4.93 5.85 
Half angle of view (degree) 11.95 6.30 3.18 
Image height 21.64 21.64 21.64 
Lens total length 204.85 250.29 291.30 
BF 4.31 31.68 97.49

Canon patent application 2019-017065 describes a photon counting image sensor.

Canon patent application 2019-0052781 discusses how to improve the reliability of tilt-shift lenses.

That’s all for now; patent round-up source: Canon News

More Canon patent applications are listed here. Some particularly interesting patent applications we think might get into production in the next few years are these:

Canon Set To Use A Sony Back-Illuminated APS-C Sensor In Future Cameras?


Another weird rumor to report.

It’s suggested Canon might use the new Sony IMX571 image sensor in an upcoming APS-C camera system. No hints if it will be a MILC or a DSLR.

The Sony IMX571 sensor is back-illuminated, has a resolution of 26MP and does 16 frame per second.

Despite Canon used Sony sensors in the past for their Powershot cameras, we do not think a Sony sensor will be featured on DSLR or mirrorless camera. We did not get any suggestion pointing in this direction.

Stay tuned.

Macnica Americas to Distribute Canon’s Super Specialised CMOS Image Sensors

35MMFHDXSCA Image Sensors

Canon’s super specialised sensors are now available for industrial applications. Macnica will be the distributor.

Press release:

Macnica Americas to Distribute Canon CMOS Image Sensors

Advanced CMOS Technology Ideal for High Performance Industrial Cameras Up to 120 MP

MELVILLE, N.Y., November 7, 2018 – Canon U.S.A., a leader in digital imaging solutions, and Macnica Americas, Inc., the North American subsidiary of Macnica, Inc., a $5B global leader in technology product distribution, today announced that Macnica Americas has been appointed an authorized distributor of Canon’s advanced CMOS sensors for the United States and Canada.

“Canon’s sensors offer incredible performance that Macnica Americas is excited to make available to our camera manufacturer customers,” said Akinobu Miyoshi, CEO of Macnica Americas.

“Imaging expertise is the core of Canon’s heritage and the success of the CMOS sensors in our product line is an example of that expertise,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and chief operating officer, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Appointing Macnica Americas as an authorized distributor will expand our reach by offering this state-of-the-art technology to industrial camera manufacturers looking to innovate their solutions now and in the future.”

Canon offers the following high performance CMOS sensors targeted at industrial, medical and scientific applications:

  • 3U5MGXS – A 5 Megapixel, 2/3-inch global shutter image sensor, that offers 120 frames per second (fps) readout at low power, targeted at machine vision applications.
  • 35MMFHDXSCA – Larger than full frame, this 2.76 Megapixel low-light sensor with 19 mm pixel pitch is ideal for ultra low-light cameras used in defense, surveillance or astronomy applications.
  • 120MXS – A stunning 120 megapixel ultra high-resolution sensor (approx. 60x the resolution of HD), in an APS-H format, enables high resolution imaging at 9.4 fps. Target camera applications for this sensor include inspection, aerial mapping, life sciences, digital archiving and transportation industries.

Canon’s CMOS image sensors are available in a range of options including color (RGB) and monochrome. For more details, please click on the link.

About Macnica Americas

Macnica Americas is the North American Division of Macnica, Inc. a $5B global leader in technology product distribution, high-touch support and complex design services, with global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan. Macnica Americas serves OEM companies, particularly those specializing in creating innovative video, imaging, networking and storage products. Macnica Americas’ headquarters are located in San Diego, with offices in San Jose, Dallas, Chicago, and Boston, and representatives throughout the United States and Canada.

Canon EOS R and Nikon Z7 Can Not Beat Sony a7 III When It Comes To Pure Dynamic Range Sensor Figures

Canon Eos R

At Photons To Photo you can compare sensor figures of various camera.

As you can see in the image above, the Sony a7 III is still the champion of pure sensor performance, beating the Canon EOS R and Nikon Z7 on dynamic range measures.. Which is a pity especially for Nikon, since they are using a sensor made by Sony.

Canon, designing and manufacturing their own sensors. gets closer to Sony’s sensor performance as ISO gets higher (but around ISO 32000 Sony gets the edge again).

Sensor performance figures do not tell the whole story, and the differences shown in the graph above are really minimal. When it comes to ergonomics, lens ecosystem, reliability, customer support, weather sealing, and whatever counts beyond sensor performance, Canon is still the the alpha dog in the pack.

Canon EOS R Sensor Test Data Available at Photons To Photo

Canon Eos R

Photons to Photo made their Canon EOS R sensor data available. The Canon EOS R can also be compared with other cameras.

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Canon EOS R Sensor Measurement Published, Comparison with EOS 6D2, Nikon Z and Sony A7III

Canon Eos R Firmware Update

PhotonsToPhoto appear to be the first to have published figures taken on the Canon EOS R sensor. Click on the images below to get a larger view.

You can see that the EOS R sensor has a similar performance as the EOS 5D Mark IV sensor (and to some degree also with the Nikon Z7) while the EOS 6D Mark II sensor show a clearly different behaviour. The Sony A7 III has a clearly better noise performance.

More Canon EOS R information, hands-on reviews, first impressions, videos etc we collected so far are listed here.

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