Canon Working On Triple Image Stabilisation System, Canon Patent Suggests

Canon Patent

We already know that most likely Canon will feature IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation) on future Canon mirrorless cameras (and maybe on DSLRs too). Canon execs confirmed it.

It seems Canon wants to do things right, as we are used to. Canon patent application 2019-0199930 (US) describes technology and methods to make three image stabilisation systems work together. The patent discusses how to combine lens image stabilisation, IBIS, and digital image stabilisation.

Another Canon patent application discusses how to make IBIS and lens IS work together smoothly.

canon patent

More Canon patent applications are listed here. Some particularly interesting patent applications we think might get into production are these:

Canon Researching How To Make IBIS and Lens IS Work Together Smoothly, Patent Suggests

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Canon patent application 2019-087397 (Japan) discusses how to make IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation) work with lens-based image stabilisation. Not an easy task, I guess.

This is not the first IBIS-related patent filed by Canon. It’s now safe to assume that Canon will indeed implement IBIS in a future mirrorless camera (both EOS M and EOS R?).

Given the quantity of Canon lenses with IS it was to expect that Canon is interested to make IBIS wok with image-stabilised lenses.

More Canon patent applications are listed here. Some particularly interesting patent applications we think might get into production are these:

Canon Doesn’t Use Technology That Hasn’t Thoroughly Tested, IBIS is Coming (Interview)

Canon Rumors Canon Full Frame Mirrorless

Russian site interviewed the head of Canon Russia’s department of product and consumer expertise, Artem Lezhnev.

Answering the most common critics (all excerpts are machine translated):

People who criticize Canon are divided into two types. The first does not like the skinton, form factor or some particular points. The second – do not digest the marketing policy of the company. Why, for example, in one of the new Canon cameras – neither in the flagship, nor the middle or entry level, is it not possible to record 4K video without a crop? The company is technologically unable to carry out this task?

– We did not set such a function intentionally. We have a series of Cinema EOS – movie cameras. Canon separates EOS R and Cinema EOS from each other. This series is aimed at shooting professional video. Camera Canon C700 – there certainly is 4K from the whole frame.

Might there be some truth in the fact that Canon doesn’t “want to cannibalize” their video segment?

Is there a new Canon camera in the pipeline?

Could it be that the company is already testing a new camera, which will later be announced, for example, before the Olympiad?

“I’m sure Canon is already developing next-generation cameras, because testing usually starts at least a year before the camera enters the market.”

And when does testing end?

– A few months before the camera announcement. We have a very serious program of ambassadors, a very tough selection. Canon has the whole EMEA region – the whole of Europe, the whole of Africa, the Middle East and Russia – only 40 people. These are people with publications, participants of professional exhibitions of various genres, people who have really proved their professionalism, and we are working with them on testing .

What about IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation)?

– We already have three patents on IBIS – on a mobile matrix and stabilisation, but we continue to work on them.Canon never uses technology that has not yet been tested.It took us so much time, because the technology itself requires a very detailed study, because the moving matrix is ​​good, on the one hand.On the other hand, go to any service and ask how many cameras they have there with broken moving dies. The stabilization system is a very fragile thing.

So, let’s hope IBIS will soon come to Canon DSLRs and MILCs, and let’s hope future Canon optics will be less expensive.


Here Is Another Canon Patent For IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation)

Canon Patent

Not the first Canon patent application about IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation).

Patent application US20190094566 describes the technology for a sensor based image stabilisation system. 

Patent application abstract:

An image stabilizing apparatus includes an optical element, a first fixing member, a movable member that holds the optical element, and is movably supported in a flat surface perpendicular to an optical axis, a ball sandwiched between the movable member and the first fixing member, a vibration wave actuator that includes a piezoelectric element and a vibrating plate, and moves the movable member, a slider that contacts the vibrating plate, and is provided in the movable member, a spring that pressurizes the vibrating plate against the slider, and a second fixing member fixed to the first fixing member so as to make the vibrating plate and the slider contact each other with a predetermined pressure.

Canon EOS R With IBIS Is Coming, Canon Exec Says, And EF-M Mount Is Not Dead

Canon Eos R Mark Ii Rumor

Amateur Photographer sat down with Canon execs at CP+ 2019, and the talk was about Canon’s mirrorless full frame EOS R system.

The short interview gives some interesting insights in Canon’s agenda. The EOS M is the mirrorless system with APS-C sensor, Canon confirms. However, when asked if they will make an EOS R with APS-C sensor, the answer is somewhat ambiguous while still confirming that the EF-M mount is the APS-C mirrorless mount. Judge by yourself:

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AP: Are you going to keep EOS M in its existing form, or are you going to make a APS-C camera with the RF mount?

YM: That’s a product development for the future so I can’t go into detail, and the market will dictate what sort of direction we should take. If the customers do want a small size, lightweight mount I believe there is room for that, so as we said […] we will continue to work with the M mount.

When asked about IBIS the answer is more straightforward.

AP: There have been quite a lot of requests from customers and reviewers alike for IBIS on the EOS R, not to mention dual card slots. How do you respond to this?

YM: Yes, we are aware of these voices… We are thinking how we can develop the line-up. With the R and RP we look at the entirety of the package, as mentioned. In terms of IBIS, we are looking into it for the future. We believe IBIS will work together hand in hand with optical IS lenses, such as the ones you see in front of you, to offer better features.

There is more to grasp in the interview at Amateur Photographer.