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Canon Patent: Drone Camera Pan/tilt Assembly And Mount

Canon Patent

Here is a somewhat different Canon patent application. A drone camera pan/tilt assembly.

Canon patent application 2022-046746 discusses methods and technology for a drone camera assembly.

[Problem] To provide an imaging device which can be miniaturized.

A camera 100 includes a tilt unit 40 having a lens unit 50, a base unit 20, a pan unit 40 erected from the base unit 20 and rotatably supporting the tilt unit 40, and a tilt drive unit 350 for rotationally driving the tilt unit 30. The tilt drive unit 350 has a drive unit 351 for transmitting a drive force, and the tilt drive unit 350 is disposed on the pan chassis 311 of the pan unit 30 so that the drive unit 351 is in pressure contact with the lens unit 50.


In particular, in order to finely control the rotation in the tilt direction, it is necessary to greatly reduce the rotation of the motor, so that a plurality of pulleys and timing belts are required, and the tilt drive mechanism becomes large. As a result, the image pickup device consisting of the camera and the rotation drive mechanism also becomes large, and the degree of freedom of mounting on the handlebar of the drone or bicycle may be reduced, and in particular, the weight of the image pickup device may exceed the maximum load capacity in the drone. ..
An object of the present invention is to provide an electronic device, an image pickup device, and a mobile body that can be miniaturized.

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