Canon Patent: Anamorphic Optical System

Canon Patent

A new Canon patent application for an anamorphic optical system, i.e. a lens.

Canon patent application 2022-26700 (Japan) discusses optical formulas for an anamorphic lens.

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an optical system in which deterioration of optical performance due to a manufacturing error in a rotation direction is suppressed.

The present invention relates to an anamorphic optical system suitable for an image pickup apparatus.

In imaging through an optical system having a wide angle of view, the subject image is compressed into a horizontal cross section and recorded. Therefore, as disclosed in Patent Document 1, the refractive power is obtained in the horizontal cross section and the vertical cross section. Different anamorphic optics are used. The anamorphic optical system of Patent Document 1 is configured to have as few anamorphic surfaces as possible in order to reduce the size and weight.

However, in the anamorphic optical system, the position and the number of anamorphic surfaces are appropriately adjusted in order to suppress the deterioration of the optical performance due to the manufacturing error in the rotation direction around the optical axis, which does not occur in the rotationally symmetric optical system. Need to be set.

The present invention provides an anamorphic optical system that is compact and lightweight, yet suppresses deterioration of optical performance due to manufacturing errors in the rotation direction, and an image pickup apparatus using the same.

Example 1

  • Focal length: 16.15
  • F value: 4.0
  • Image height: 6.91
  • Overall length: 222.72
  • Back focus: 46.68

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