Plenty of New Canon Lenses May Be Announced in 2014 (maybe)

New Canon Lenses

According to CR. We didn’t get this rumour and hence we take it with a grain of salt. There will be new Canon lenses in 2014, but I am skeptic if there will be a total of 8 new lenses set to be announced in 2014. No one told me about 8 lenses to be announced. But everything is possible.

That’s what the latest Canon-lens-rumor suggests: 8 new Canon lenses in 2014. The rumour is very vague, no specs or focal lengths. The only thing the rumour states: there have been manufacturing delays and economic issues that have slowed down the announcement.

The  lenses are said to be in part replacements, and in part new lenses.


Are You Ready For The White Kiss? (Canon Japan Teaser)

White Kiss
This is a screenshot, click to see the video.

After the teaser published by Canon Korea a few days ago, now we have another teaser video by Canon Japan on Facebook. This time there is no silhouette of a camera a body, just a short video titled “White Kiss Debut”. I think the odds are clear now: Canon is going to release a white Rebel DSLR (The Rebel line-up is called “Kiss” in japan). It is still unclear if it will be a new Rebel or just a white version of an existing model. I think the latter is more probable.

In the meantime our friends over at dicahub did another comparison with the original teaser image published by Canon Korea. The shape looks definitely like a Rebel SL1/EOS 100D (price & specs). Only the position of the “Canon” mark and the lens position differ slightly, but that could depend by the shooting angle.

Image courtesy:

I guess there will soon be a white Rebel SL1/EOS 100D :-)

[via digicame-info]

Update – Canon Teaser For New Camera To Be Announced in November (looks like a DSLR)

Canon Teaser

Update:  Dicahub made a size comparison between the EOS 100D/SL1 and the EOS 700D/T5i (with EF 40mm), and it looks the hidden camera could be an EOS 100D/Rebel SL1. But there is a big but: the mount release button appears to have a different shape compared to 100D/SL1. All following pictures are courtesy of

So, this is hot. Dicahub (translated) spotted a teaser by Canon Korea that points to a camera announcement in November. The teaser says: November 2013, Canon will start from the white world. Coming Soon.

There was a recent rumour that suggested the EOS M2 could be announced in November. However, the silhouette that can be recognised in the image looks more like the shape of a DSLR. The question is what it refers to, and what the white world means. A white Rebel SL1/EOS 100D (price & specs) or maybe a Rebel SL2/EOS 110D that is coming? Rumors have word that some of the Canon Rebel SL1/EOS 100D video commercials ended with a sort of question suggesting that there was more to come (Did you know this is the end?). Couldn’t find such a commercial so far. Anyone?

It is definitely hard to guess what the hidden shape is. As far as I can say, this could also be a new high end Canon DSLR. Below is a darkened version of the teaser pic. The hidden shape is better lined out, more can be recognised.

Canon Teaser

Does definitely not look like a mirrorless camera. What is Canon going to unveil soon? Below a crop and magnification of the placement of the model plate.

Canon Teaser

Appears to be a bit to small for an EOS 100D/Rebel SL1 plate.  The guessing is started. At least we will not have to wait too long to know what surprise Canon is going to unveil. :-)

[via Dicahub]

New Tamron 150-500mm Set To Be Announced This Week?

Tamron 150-500mm

Tamron will soon announce a new lens, candidate date is November 7th.

Rumors have word that it will be a replacement for the current Tamron 200-500mm f/5-6.3, but that it will have more range, possibly 150-500mm, and feature image stabilization technology (VC=Vibration Compensation). Tamron will just announce the development of the lens, pricing and availability will be known in Q4 2014.

The image above showed up in a Polish forum, the rumor came via PR.

Canon Rumor: New Pro “1” Series DSLR Could Be Announced Before Summer 2014

[shoplink 4119]Canon Rumor[/shoplink]

A new rumour concerning the next top pro “1” series Canon DSLR. We are talking about a still camera this time.

NL had word that a new top 1-series body could be announced in Q2 of 2014. A price reduction of the [shoplink 4119]EOS-1D X[/shoplink] before the announcement of the new body can be expected. The new DSLR most probably will not ship before end of 2014.

No specs unfortunately.