Which DSLR Or MILC Has The Coolest Shutter Sound? Find Out Here

Shutter Sound

The folks at Lens Rentals for once decided not to tear down a camera or lens. Instead, they tested the shutter sounds of a bunch of cameras in order to find out which one has the best sound.

They say:

As a leading authority on optical testing and product reviews, it occurred to the Lensrentals staff recently that we owed it to The Internet to explore the final frontier of camera comparisons, a comprehensive examination of shutter sounds. Our thorough and scientific testing covered multiple models from nearly every major camera manufacturer. After weeks of debate and analysis, we believe we’ve finally reached a consensus on which camera shutters are the best and which camera shutters are the worst. But first, let’s take a look at some of our most popular cameras, and how each of their shutters sound.

The video below let you listen to all shutter sounds.

According to Lens Rentals the worst shutter sound comes from the Leica SL 601, Sony Alpha a77 II, and Panasonic Lumix DC-S1R. The best sounds come from Nikon D850, Olympus PEN E-PL7, and Pentax 645Z. And Canon?

This is how the Canon EOS R Shutter Sounds (silent shutter inclusive)

Canon Eos R Firmware Update

Mert Gündoğdu shared a video with us where he recorded the shutter sound of the Canon EOS R, normal shutter and silent shutter. Thanks Mert!

All Canon EOS R information, hands-on reviews, first impressions, videos etc we collected so far are listed here.

Canon working on miniaturisation of shutter mechanism, patent application

canonIs there something coming from Canon, something small? After a patent application to improve the durability of a shutter mechanism, we also spotted a Canon patent application describing how to miniaturise the shutter mechanism.

Canon patent application P2018-010054A describes methods to further miniaturise the shutter mechanism:

The present invention relates to a blade drive device for driving blades entering and leaving an optical path, and an image pickup device including the blade drive device, for example, an IR (infrared light) cut filter and an AR (anti-reflection) A filter switching device for switching the filter, and a device incorporated in a lens barrel of a video camera or a surveillance camera equipped with such a filter switching device.

More Canon patent applications.

Canon working to improve durability of shutter mechanism, patent application suggests

canon patentCanon patent application JP-A-2018-10053 describes how to improve the durability of shutter blades.


An opening forming member in which an opening serving as an optical path is formed, First and second shutter blades which enter and leave the opening, A drive transmission member engaged with the first and second shutter blades for transmitting a driving force, And a stopper for stopping the movement of the blade by abutment of the first and second shutter blades when the optical path is blocked by the first and second shutter blades in the opening,
Wherein the first and second shutter blades each include a shutter portion for shielding the optical path in the opening portion, an engaging portion for engaging with the drive transmission member, and a connecting portion for connecting the shutter portion and the engaging portion with each other Has,
Wherein the stopper includes a main stopper in which one side of the engaging portion side of the first and second shutter blades abuts and a second stopper provided between the opening and the drive transmission member and on one side of the connecting portion And a sub-stopper with which the portion abuts.

It’s good to see that Canon’s R&D are working on the really useful things. More Canon patent applications.