More Mentions of a Possible Sony Sensor for Canon DSLRs (i told you it was coming)

Sony SensorCanon Rumor

When we first reported this rumor, we got a sceptical reaction from some well known rumor site. Now, months later and very quietly, they reported our original rumor, or they also got a tip pointing to the same. No problem guys if you forgot where the rumor showed up before :-) It’s always better be late than not to come to the party.

The possibility that Canon may feature Sony sensors on their DSLRs is less weird than you might think. Canon has a pragmatic approach to things. In an interview some time ago, when asked about the G7 X sensor (which features a Sony sensor), Canon said:

Q: […] One thing we’ve learned is that the sensor in the G7X is not made by Canon. Does this represent a new philosophy at Canon?
A: We select the best sensor, whoever the manufacturer is. That’s our policy

Exactly, so a Sony sensor in a Canon DSLR is much less implausible than some supposedly well informed people is saying. The times are changing, we have to live with it. If Sony sensors are the right thing for Canon DSLRs, then let’s go with Sony sensors. The rumor Canon Rumors is reporting says:

Canon will use Sony’s new 46mp sensor as the 3rd party launch partner, maybe a little after Sony releases it in a camera of their own. Sony and Canon are partnering on many upcoming products – most recently the G7X being a prime example. Canon will use their own CFA / processing and will make a big point of colour accuracy.

This fits pretty well with what we reported back in November. If Canon is going to feature multi-layer, Foveon-like sensors on their cameras, these sensor will most probably also come from Sony.

Canon Patent for 20-100mm and 30-135mm Cine Lenses

Canon Patent

Canon committed to more Cine lenses. Egami (translated) spotted a patent for a CN-E 20-100mm f/4 and a CN-E 30-135mm f/3.5 lens.

Machine translated patent description:

Canon patent

  • Positive and negative positive and negative positive 5-group zoom
  • Inner zoom
  • Inner Focus (fourth group)
  • According to the invention, it is possible to appropriately define the refractive power arrangement and the lateral magnification of the zoom sharing ratio and the lens groups of zooming group, while reducing the size and weight and a high zoom ratio , it is possible to decrease the magnification ratio of a short-distance shooting is to achieve the image pickup apparatus having a zoom lens and it is suppressed.

Canon Holiday Deals Round-Up (there’s a bit of everything)

Canon Holiday DealsLast days to grab good holiday deals. Let’s start with the generic links:

Canada: Amazon Canada’s Holiday deals page, and Canon deals pageEurope: Holiday deals at Amazon UK | Amazon France | Amazon Germany | Amazon Italy | Amazon Spain

Latest deal is the Canon Powershot SX50 HS discounted to $349 ($80 instant rebate) and bundled with an 8GB memory card, Lowpro camera bag, table tripod, and a spare battery (Adorama). Same price also on Amazon US but without the accessories.

Canon EOS 6D and 5D Mark III bodies and kits saw a $300 price drop which reflects on instant rebates and mail-in rebates. These are never seen before prices by authorised US Canon dealers.

  • EOS 6D with EF 24-105 f/4L IS on sale for $2,099 after $300 mail-in rebate at B&H Photo | Adorama
  • EOS 6D now on sale for $1,499 after $300 mail-in rebate at B&H Photo | Adorama | Amazon
  • EOS 5D Mark III with EF 24-70 f/4L IS on sale for $3,549 after $300 mail-in rebate at B&H Photo | Adorama | Amazon
  • EOS 5D Mark III with EF 24-105 f/4L IS on sale for $3,399 after $300 mail-in rebate at B&H Photo | Adorama | Amazon
  • EOS 5D Mark III on sale for $2,799 after $300 mail-in rebate at B&H Photo | Adorama (with accessories!) | Amazon
  • Price drop also on EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II, now on sale for $1,849 after mail-in rebate at B&H Photo | Adorama | Amazon
  • Price drop also on EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS $2.049 after mail-in rebate at B&H Photo | Adorama | Amazon

Good to check the following eBay deals, all still live at the time of writing (note: prices may have varied slightly):

  • Canon EOS 6D on sale for $1.359,82 by Top Rated eBay seller 6ave (99.2% positive ratings)
  • Canon EOS 6D on sale for $1,364.99 by Top Rated eBay seller GetItDigital (99.4% positive ratings)
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III on sale for $2,368 by Top Rated eBay seller GetItDigital (99.4% positive ratings)
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III on sale for $2,364.99 by Top Rated eBay seller GetItDigital (99.4% positive ratings)
  • Canon Rebel SL1 with 18-55mm IS STM lens on sale for $463.82 by Top Rated eBay seller 6ave (99.2% positive ratings)
  • Canon EOS-1D X on sale for $4,664.99 by Top Rated eBay seller GetItDigital (99.4% positive ratings)
  • Canon EOS 70D on sale for $858.99 by Top Rated eBay seller AllNewShop (99.2% positive ratings)
  • Canon EOS 70D with 18-55mm IS STM lens on sale for $949.95 by Top Rated eBay seller PhotoVideo4Less (99.8% positive ratings)

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review (it’s a game changer)

Take an excursion into the EOS 7D Mark II features and strenghts with seasoned video producer Frank Rohmer, as he reveals the top features that professionals will appreciate the most. Rohmer’s review was exclusively shared with Planet5D.

For Rohmer the deal breaker is the “lightning fast” Dual Pixel Auto-Focus. Rohmer says: “[…] this camera will quickly be known – again — as a game-changer for just about everybody from wedding videographers, sports videographers, event videographers…”. It’s the DSLR to shot any setting, as unpredictable these settings may be. He sums up his findings:

The Canon 7D Mark II is a powerful photography and cinematography tool that professionals can utilize to capture incredible imagery with speed and accuracy. With it’s APS-C, 20.2 megapixel sensor and dual Digic 6 image processors there’s little this camera can’t do.

The video-review gives a good insight to what the new Canon EOS 7D Mark II means for professional photographers, especcially for those who are into sport, wildlife, and generally fast action photography. And as I said many times before: the EOS 7D Mark II is a game changer, in any sense. What Canon makes are not fancy gadgets but well-made, professional tools for those who care to have a thought-out camera for their job. And in case the 7D Mark II is too much for you, have a look at the not-less-impressing EOS 70D, Canon’s well-made allround DSLR (with a much more affordable price point). The 7D Mark II is Canon’s new APS-C flagship but the EOS 70D is no slough though, coming with many advanced features.

The EOS 7D Mark II’s AF-system is the best you can get on an APS-C camera, add 10fps, an amazing high ISO performance, and all the other professional features. Read more about the EOS 7D Mark II’s excellent weather sealing, the highly advanced AF, and the industry leading high ISO performance (have a look here too). All our coverage on the EOS 7D Mark II can be seen here.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Canon USA, Digitalrev, eBayEOS 7D Mark II Review [via Planet5D]

CW Readers Most Liked Pics Round-Up

Valentin Popa‎ – Jump! 1/2000, f10, 20mm (16-35 LII lens), EOS 5D3,

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Show us what you can do with a Canon camera!

Alan McNeice‎ – This was an ice hockey accident involving two of my team mates it was taken with a 5dmk3


Andre Yabiku‎ – Guggenheim Museum at New York – Shot with 60D + Sigma 17-50 f2.8 — with Luana Santos Yabiku.


Andrei Tchernikov‎ – The Hague. Early morning. Canon EOS M + 18-55


Mario Hoogendoorn‎ – I only will be pictured by a Canon! (7D + 70-200 4L IS USM)


Daniel Haußmann – Image of the Holuhraun Eruption in Iceland, captured via Helicopter. Video here:


Diego Eidelman‎ – A city of srewscrapers. Bird’s eye of a group of screws, ambient light. Canon G11, f/2.8, 1/100″, ISO 400