More Canon ME20F-SH ISO 4.5M camera footage: AURORA skycam video (nature filmed at night)

AURORA skycam TV on YouTube posted a video that shows the impressing low light capabilities of the Canon ME20F-SH, featuring a 2.2MP full-frame sensor doing ISO 4.5 million! This camera can see in the dark. Be sure to watch the video in HD.

All of us in AURORA skycam are very proud to exclusively present some of the first video footage shot with the amazing new Canon ME20F-SH.
Right in time for the next aurora borealis season, see northern lights filmed in Norway in an previously unkown quality. The short film shows nature filmed at night as you’ve never seen it before.
Facts: 12 days filming in August 2015 and 14,5 hours of footage have been cut down and presented in a 3 minute long video at the IBC 2015. On our tour we’ve been driving 4.600 km through Norway, chasing good weather, dark skies, northern lights, and Miss Aurora´s dance.
More info, behind the scenes pictures and film footage, together with reviews and more amazing content will be released on our website ( and in our YouTube Channel (…). Follow us, there is more videos to come soon.

The ME20F-SH sells for $30.000 and will only be available to select customers. Another video, posted by Canon Japan, is hereMore on the Canon ME20F-SH.

Did you miss the impressive performance of Canon ME20F-SH, the ISO 4.5M camera? Here it is!

Did You Miss The Impressive Performance Of Canon ME20F-SH, The ISO 4.5M Camera? Here It Is!

In case you missed the astonishing low light performance of Canon’s new ME20F-SH camera, have a look at the video below. It shows Canon’s low light champion in action, and the examples are nothing but awesome and breathtaking. This is a must see!

The ME20F-SH has 2.2MP full-frame sensor and is a specialist camera that sells for $30.000 and will only be available to select customers. More on the Canon ME20F-SH.

Canon EXPO 2015 New York Lives On In An Interactive Website

Canon expo 2015

We anticipated it a few days ago, now Canon made it official. The Canon Expo 2015 lives on in a virtual and interactive microsite.

All Canon Expo 2015 coverage on Canon Watch.

Canon EXPO 2015 New York Lives On In An Interactive Website

Company Launches First-Ever EXPO Virtual Tour to Provide an Insider’s Look into the Future of Imaging Technology

MELVILLE, N.Y., September 17, 2015 – Although Canon EXPO 2015 New York may be over, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced that it will extend the excitement to those unable to attend, via the first-ever virtual tour on the Canon EXPO Website. This site will provide rich online content that recaps being at the company’s five years in the making EXPO, recently held September 10-11 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Revealing Canon’s vision into the future of imaging technology, Canon EXPO 2015 New York featured more than 100,000 square feet of exhibition space, showcasing a combination of current and future Canon products and highlighted how powerful and innovative imaging technologies enhance homes, universities, businesses, hospitals, stadiums, movie sets and more.

Andy Slawetsky, with Industry Analysts, said of his first-hand experience at EXPO, “Canon is one of the largest annual patent recipients in the world and attending a show like this is just awesome. Technology everywhere. While I really only focus on a small part of Canon’s portfolio, it’s a treat to see everything they do under one roof.”

Visit the Canon EXPO website for a virtual tour including:

  • The Stadium Zone, an impressive recreation of Yankee Stadium, where visitors can find information on the cameras and lenses professionals choose to capture the action and bring memorable events to life.
  • The Imaging Journey Zone highlights the evolution of imaging including a 4K projector capable of 8K projection, under development, as well as museum quality printing technology.
  • The Professional Printing Zone provides visitors with information on a range of large format printers including the Oc‚ Arizona Series flatbed printers, the Oc‚ varioPRINT i300, and the award-winning Canon imagePRESS C10000VP Digital Press, which sets a new quality benchmark in its class by delivering robust productivity of up-to-100 images per minute.
  • The Home Zone allows visitors to experience modern home imaging solutions for the always-connected generation.
  • The Enterprise Zone shows how Canon supports businesses worldwide and spotlights Canon’s new Rich Collaboration System, an innovative communication platform under development, allowing businesses to connect virtually to enhance communication.
  • The Film Production Zone highlights new ways to help professional storytellers bring their visions to life. Cinematographers, videographers, photographers, production companies, broadcasters and networks can benefit from Canon innovations designed to achieve greater levels of depth, detail and dimension.
  • The Customer Experience Zone provides access to information on Canon’s Live Learning programs, professional imaging services as well as its commitment to top-notch customer service.
  • The University Zone demonstrates ultra-high zooming capabilities when utilizing a 250 megapixel CMOS sensor as well as optical technology behind the Subaru Telescope.
  • The Advanced Industry Solutions Zone features a glimpse into Canon’s MREAL Solution demonstrations.

Canon EXPO will visit Paris and Tokyo later in 2015 and Shanghai in 2016.

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20,000 megapixel image by David Bergman using EOS 5Ds R (Canon Expo 2015)

David Bergman, who was recently made a Canon “Explorer of Light”, shot an incredible project for the Canon Expo 2015. Equipped with an EOS 5Ds R he took 825 photos of the Yankee Stadium, 50 megapixels each, which he sticked together during a long and intensive post processing. But the result was worth the effort. The final picture has a resolution of 20,000 megapixel, making it the biggest picture of a live event ever shot! The detail is sheerly astonishing.

Bergman also said he was really happy with the Canon equipment.

Check out the video above where he talks about the photo and explains how he did it.

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